My Hero Academia Season 5 drops a new promo visual, giving a glimpse of the fan-favorite superheroes showing their quirks. All the main characters fans are about to see leading the new season are in one picture, teasing their much-awaited return.

Deku, Bakugo, Shoto, Ochako, Eijiro, Denki, and Momo lead the My Hero Academia Season 5 key art while standing on the top of a building. The group is evidently in the city, showing their hero poses and the power that they got.

In the middle of the night, the snap shows Shoto with his fire burning ability, Deku with his hands open, Bakugo with his blast ready, and Denky with his lighting on. As Kohei Horikoshi has been working on the manga's storyline, it's expected to be fully adapted in the anime series.

According to BlockToro, the new season's story may see the heroes working in the city after seeing them on the top of a building. Behind them are several structures with flashy lights, making their surroundings well-lighted.

Epic Dope added My Hero Academia Season 5 would be the second season's "heir apparent," covering the Joint Training arc after successfully adapting the Tournament arc. A familiar face from the said season is also set to make an appearance in the upcoming new installment.

Shinso, the General Studies Student, who also possesses a powerful quirk called Brainwash, will be joining Deku and the rest of the gang in the fifth installment. He will do everything to prove himself worthy to be accepted in the hero class.

In addition, the new season also has a lot to work through, especially after the major cliffhanger that the fourth season left. Fans were all in awe when Deku dreamt of his quirk and met its original user, One For All, in his dream.

By the looks of it, Comicbook noted "some things are shaking up" with Deku's power. Also, the manga readers already knew what would happen from here.

This would lead to a "One For All evolution" that would open My Hero Academia Season 5 to a "whole world" of possibilities. So far, the new season has dropped two teasers that are less than a minute long.

So, as the official release date nears, fans can expect to see more trailers and preview materials to tease and hype the show's return. There are also reports assuming that a new theme song is about to drop for the new season.

My Hero Academia Season 5 is set to be out on Saturday, March 27.

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