Prince Charles has yet to sit on the throne and become the new monarch of the United Kingdom but he has been the subject of criticisms in recent times as news of Queen Elizabeth's abdication has been abuzz.

But royal author Clive Irving has called out Charles as an "atrociously hypocritical and entitled" king who might push the monarchy "over the cliff very fast" if he becomes the new ruler.

Irving said in an interview with Vanity Fair that Charles is not the king who could "invigorate" the monarchy. The author of the upcoming book, The Last Queen, said that Charles even looks much older than his mother, the Queen, and he's also stuck in the old and traditional ways.

The royal expert said that Charles "thinks like an autocrat" who doesn't want to be challenged for his ideas and inputs. His lifestyle, born of entitlement, also makes him such a hypocrite because he supports the fight against climate change but he's one of the privileged few to fly a private jet than take a commercial plane.

Irving also called out the Prince of Wales for warning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their plans to go commercial when they stepped back from their royal duties. But Charles has his own business enterprise, Waitrose Duchy Organic, which sells high-end, luxury organic produce harvested from his farm in Sandringham.

Another royal expert warned that Prince Charles could not be easily accepted as the new king, especially among the Commonwealth nations, such as Australia. Sandy Biar, the national director at Australian Republic Movement, said that the Prince of Wales has been such a "divisive and controversial figure" that his ascent to the throne could produce instability to the monarchy. If this happens, then a crisis or rebellion could spark.

However, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said that being the ruler of the Commonwealth, who is also the monarch, isn't a popularity contest. Charles will take on the role because he is the first in the line of succession, regardless if his popularity is waning.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace has said more than once that Queen Elizabeth does not have any plans to abdicate despite talks of Charles taking over the throne as Her Majesty turns 95 years old. The Queen will be commemorating her 69th year as the monarch this February 2021 and she will stay true to the vow she made when she ascended to the throne to take this duty seriously "until the end of her life."