As one of the biggest NBA superstars, it's not news anymore that LeBron James is averaging more than 25 points per game for the Los Angeles Lakers, and The King contributes substantially in the key areas of the game. But James is 36 years old and he's not even showing signs of slowing down.

On the contrary, the Lakers star continues to grow. Analysts are taking notice that James is focusing more on the untapped dimensions of his game. Aside from attacking the rim, James is hauling down the ball and directing the play for his teammates.

The Bron is emerging as one of the best playmakers in the league and it's no surprise that the Lakers are off to a good start on their campaign to retain the NBA crown. The standing shows Purple & Gold is the best in Western Conference right now and as a bonus, again not a shock at all, James is leading the race to the MVP trophy.

Doc Rivers, head coach for the Philadelphia 76ers, tried to make sense of why on earth James continues to impress at 36, according to Fadeaway World. Rivers said the NBA superstar was at his peak five years ago but incredibly, James only got better.

"He does everything better than he did five years ago when he supposedly was in his prime ... He'll go down as one of the greatest passers to ever play the game," the Sixers tactician was reported as saying.

What's remarkable about James was the manner he adjusted with time. Instead of allowing the pull of gravity to slow him down, The King modified his game by better handling of the ball and using his acumen to make scoring situations for the Lakers.

James remains an effective, if not the most effective, component of the Lakers game. And he enjoys that status without unnecessary pressure on his body. The key is smart basketball, which was made possible by adaptation.

It has been 18 years since James' first game in the league and like wine, the star is getting better while going through the process of maturing. Why he is still a leading figure in the league, Seerat Sohl of Yahoo Sports tried an explanation: James dominance in the NBA is nearly without a gap in the last two decades, which is the reason for his timeless impact not only in basketball but also for the world of sports.

It's hard to pinpoint the energy that fuels James' longevity. For many in the NBA, it's just easier to watch The King playing his way to the path of greatness. This season, for instance, the Lakers are favored to do a repeat and for sure, James will push himself to the limit to make it happen. Again, not exactly surprising but thrilling at the same time when the scenario begins playing out.