Live streaming is an activity that emerged in the public sphere not too long ago. Just a few years back, the idea of digital gaming while being watched by tens of thousands of viewers seemed a bit ridiculous. But today, it is the norm and gamers have become an essential part of the mainstream.

It is incredibly easy for anyone to live stream their game online, whether playing on a console, a PC or even a smartphone. Live Streaming and uploading playthroughs or highlights are today a source of income to many around the world.

The prospect of playing while being spectated by many and interacting with them can seem very appealing to those who are passionate about gaming. But, like most other activities, there are several difficulties you might face while live streaming. Your camera might overheat, you might have to fix corrupted sd card, your internet speed could reduce, etc. Though it is a rewarding process, live streaming can be quite challenging at times. So, here are a few things that could make it easier for you to live stream.

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Test using a different account

It is not easy to know exactly how your audience will see and hear you before you begin a live stream. To help figure things out easier, create an anonymous account and stream there. Watch the stream using your main account and see if everything works right. Alternatively, you can ask a friend before you begin the live stream to check if everything is working fine when you stream from your second account.

Have additional equipment at hand

Even if you purchase and use the most expensive gaming and recording equipment available in the market today, there is a chance that they could fail. You do not want your viewers feeling disgruntled and searching for other creators who can entertain them. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to switch the necessary equipment and get back to your stream as quickly as possible.

Respond to comments

One of the best features of live streaming is your ability to interact with your viewers as you play. Though it might be challenging to read through all the comments when you are fully engaged in the game, do go through it occasionally. Pick out interesting comments, and questions and when you respond, remember to mention the question you were asked since there could be a lag and people would be confused about what you are talking about. If you are just starting as a live streamer, do not forget to mention by name and thank those who have given you donations.


Collaborations are the new crossovers. Viewers love to see their favorite creators come together and interact with each other. So if there is another gamer playing the same game as you and is interested in collaborating with you, ask them to join. Though things might be a bit awkward at first, you will get better at these interactions as time passes. Collaborations are also a great way of bringing in more viewers and subscribers who might not have been aware of your channel.

Be regular

Not every live streamer is free to spend the whole day gaming from their home. Even if you have a job or other obligations, try to dedicate a specific time of your day for regular live streams. Being consistent with your streams will keep you relevant in the platform and attract more subscribers as each day passes. If you have an excellent social media presence, post details regarding your next live stream in these platforms with a direct link.

Create a brand

One of the best ways in which you can make your streams memorable is by creating a brand for yourself. This can include themes, catchphrases, logos, profile pictures and especially your username. When you choose the username, remember that this is what people will know you as when you blow up in the gaming world. Entering your real name is always an option, but a quirky or interesting username can also help you stand out from the crowd.

With your regular catchphrases and terms, you can even customise the emojis provided to loyal members of your channel.

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Summing up

If you do it right, you can be big in the world of gaming streams. You can traverse different platforms with little effort by creating highlight videos of your Twitch streams and posting them on YouTube. This makes your content available to a broader audience range and increases your income from these sources.

Every time you live stream, remember to not spew any toxicity through your speech or actions, which means being respectful to every section of the society. Distasteful behaviour can quickly get your audience closing your live stream in search of better options. So, remember to never be offensive while live streaming.