Asta is about to show more of his enhanced power in Black Clover Chapter 283. Aside from his new Devil Union mode, Noelle, the Elves, and other characters' arrival may give them the upper hand in the fight.

There are theories that Asta will stop using his new mode to go to the Spade Kingdom in Black Clover Chapter 283. It has been known that his new mode only lasts for five minutes, so he has to make the most out of it before it stops. But knowing how Yuki Tabata works, he may feature a shocking twist.

According to Recent Highlights, Noelle may finally appear in the series after four months of being away. Asta is trying to gather all the Black Bulls members, and it looks like they will be getting the help of the Elves, too, in the fight.

Patry may be the first one to arrive, followed by everybody else. If this happens, the Elves may finally succeed in redeeming themselves.

Elsewhere, Sally and other resistance group people face lower-level devils, doing their best to defeat them all. The Heart Kingdom team is also gathering, and everyone is now excited to see how Gaja will bring Vanica down and save Loropechka in Black Clover Chapter 283.

In addition, HITC noted Asta might finally kill the Demon and talk to Gimodelo. However, he may lose his Devil Union mode, though he may try to transform back and "fall from the sky."

A portal will then open under him that will take him back to the Black Bulls. The panel will then shift to the Eye of the Midnight Sun and other Clover Kingdom's Magic Knight members trying to protect the Spade Kingdom people.

Fuegoleon and Salamander come out victorious after being able to stop the oncoming demons without the sweat. However, the fight is far from over, as Commander Albert has sustained severe injuries and may about to meet his demise in Black Clover Chapter 283.

Thankfully, Noelle arrives, along with Luck, other characters, and the Elves, and saves the day. From here, the big fight will finally get even.

What will happen next will be seen when Black Clover Chapter 283 drops on Sunday, February 21, per Omnitos. It will be out at 2 a.m. Japanese Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time.

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