One Piece Chapter 1005 will finally drop this week after Eiichiro Oda takes a brief hiatus. As the rooftop battle gets pretty intense, the new installment will focus on the small fights instead.

Titled "Devil's Child," a lot is about to happen here. Sanji will be crying for help, while there will be a big revelation about some characters in One Piece Chapter 1005.

The Korean leaks are now out, via BlockToro, and it reveals Black Maria will urge Sanji to call Robin for help. It has been known that the chef doesn't fight back against women, so he needs a hand to defeat and escape the Shinuchi.

Sanji has managed to defeat all the male subordinates of Black Maria, but he never touches the female ones. So, in the new episode, he will be crying for Robin's help, screaming he is on the third floor and a prisoner.

Aside from the series of fights, One Piece Chapter 1005 will also reveal the characters who have the "paper with the drawn eye can share images and sounds with each other." So, when Sanji calls out for help, several characters will be reacting to it.

Nami will instantly understand the call, thinking Sanji is facing a woman. Robin will then arrive and go against Black Maria, while Brooks will save Sanji by freezing the web.

In addition, the new installment also reveals all animals that have the eye-drawn paper are Kaido's spies. They are also not real animals but cyborgs.

Elsewhere, the previous chapter revealed a second silhouette, which seemed to tease there would be a new character joining the alliance. The first silhouette came out to be Kaido's hybrid form, while the second one was with the Nine Red Scabbards.

As the release of One Piece Chapter 1005 is getting near, the mysterious individual behind the shadow may finally be revealed, OtakuKart News noted.

Also, the real reason for Black Maria's arrival in the fight is to kill everyone in the room where the Red Nine Scabbards are. King sent her in to do that, but Jack goes instead.

The intense turn out of events will continue, and the new chapter will end with Black Maria going against Robin and Brook. One Piece Chapter 1005 is set to be out on Sunday, February 28, per HITC.

What do you expect to happen to Black Maria, Sanji, and Robin in One Piece Chapter 1005? Share your comments below.