The bullying scandal in the world of South Korean entertainment continues to develop these past few weeks. As the stories persist, netizens recalled an incident when a streamer confessed his bullying ways toward V of BTS.

AllKpop reported that several fans and followers unearthed the streamer's shocking revelations about making the K-Pop idol his "service boy" in the past. The yet-unnamed confessor, whom reports referred to as "A," previously claimed in one of his live streams that "V used to be his shuttle boy or bell boy."

During the live session, several K-Pop fans asked A numerous questions, trying to learn the nature of his relationship with the BTS member. To the surprise of the viewers, he said that he is "not friends with *** like him."

The publication noted that the streamer used "harsh" words when responding to his viewers' questions. He even flaunted that he and V were not friends back then.

A, also, likened him and the K-Pop idol to a "prey and predator," adding that he was a lion while V "was the rabbit." In the end, however, he unveiled that he is a "bit envious" of V. He stated that Taehyung "really succeeded and made it" even though he just used to "shuttle snacks" for them.

While in shock, netizens, especially the fans of the BTS member, clapped back at the streamer for admitting to his old bullying ways. Some, also, criticized him for "trying to get clout using V's name."

While the "Singularity" singer has yet to make comments about the issue, he previously revealed a different story about his experience being bullied by othersSoompi reported back in 2018 what the BTS member told his fans.

Amid comforting an ARMY who had some troubles with a friend, he shared a similar experience he had with a former friend during their elementary years. He said that this friend of his invited everyone in the class for his birthday party.

However, V found out that this person told all the guests where the party really was except him. He waited for three hours at the venue where he was first sent to, adding that he tried figuring out what he would do next.

After the long hours, though, his classmate finally told him where the real celebration was held. Although he still went to drop his gift, he immediately left the party and cried all the way home.

Reports, later on, emphasized that the streamer was not the same person that the BTS member was referring to in his "birthday" story. The confessor, also, released an apology video following all the bullying controversies surrounding many South Korean celebrities.