Fans will again see Iruma trying his best to be the demon king in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma Kun Season 2. The franchise's official website dropped the new season's visual, along with its latest opening theme song, and more.

In no time, fans are about to see Iruma continuing his journey in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma Kun Season 2. In a tweet, NHK Animeworld also revealed the new season's official release date, which is just a month away from now.

The key visual shows the anime's fan-favorite characters, like Clara, Asmodeus, and Naberius. According to Epic Dope, the second season will show how Iruma's will continue navigating the devils' world as the new grandson of the devil.


It will also show the 180 degrees change in Iruma's personality. As fans wonder how does it happen? The new season will reveal so.

He will be joining the school council in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma Kun Season 2, as new demons are about to enroll in the Abnormal class. So, what kinds of demons fans are about to see here? Fans have to wait and see. 

Anime News Network noted the website teased fans of the new opening theme song, "No! No! Satisfaction!" by Da Pump. The same band was also the one behind the first season's opening theme song, called "Magical Labyrinth."

The boy band described the song as "bright and energetic," just like the anime itself. They also revealed it was inspired by Iruma's personality.

Elsewhere, Makoto Moriwaki will return to direct Welcome to Demon School! Iruma Kun Season 2. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will handle the series composition, while Satohiki Sano returns as the character designer. Akimitsu Honma will be composing the music, while NHK and NHK Enterprises get the credit for the production.

The anime tells the tale of Iruma, whose parents sold him to a demon, per OtakuKart News. As he enters the demon world, he becomes the grandson of the Babylon Demon School's principal.

Now, he also joins the said school to learn the demon things with other evils. However, he has to keep his identity from humans a big secret, or he will be devoured by the demons themselves if he gets exposed.

With the new demons coming and problems arising in Iruma's life, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma Kun Season 2 is truly a must-see. Finally, the long wait will be over as the premiere episode will drop on Saturday, April 17, on E-tele Broadcast, starting at 5:35 p.m.

What do you expect to see in Iruma's new adventure in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma Kun Season 2? Share your comments below.