The members of BLACKPINK are likely in celebration these past few days as Rosé continues to reach new heights. Upon releasing her first solo album, R, on Friday, the group's vocalist persists in achieving new success for herself and her group.

Koreaboo reported that, on the first day alone, the South Korean idol has already proven how impressive of a solo artist she can be. Within 24 hours after dropping the title track of her album, "On The Ground," the material obtained over 39 million views on YouTube.

The publication said that it had become the "most viewed video" on the platform globally for the whole day. Also, Rosé has now become the most viewed MV of a K-Pop female solo artist on the first day.

As explained, the number of views is "five times more" than the second and third placers in the list. Moreover, reports claimed that the BLACKPINK member has also beaten PSY's record for "Gentleman," but YouTube has yet to confirm the details.

Soompi said that the 2013 hit from the South Korean artist obtained about 36 million views within 24 hours. He had remained unbeaten for over eight years until Friday when Rosé debuted her title track.

The same publications, then, noted that the BLACKPINK vocalist has, also, become the only K-Pop female solo artist who has surpassed 400,000 copies in pre-orders. She even outranked her own group in this record.

Hello K-Pop explained that Rosé achieved this feat in only four days since the opening of her pre-selling on March 4. It is, also, reportedly, expected that the number will increase further in the coming weeks, especially after the release of R.

The pre-sales did not only come from South Korea. Reports said that the overall figure includes all sales, as well, outside the country, including the United States, some European regions, China, and Japan.

Prior to the release of her album, Rosé had a virtual global press conference to discuss her solo album, which houses two full English tracks, "Gone" and "On The Ground." She, also, revealed a few essential details about the collection itself, according to Nylon.

The BLACKPINK member shared that R is her "first introduction as a solo artist." But, it is, also, a "reintroduction" of herself as Rosé.

She continued that she "got to take a look back" on herself a lot of time while making and preparing the album. She revealed, as well, that she had a realization about herself being a person, like most others, "who heals through music," adding that she learns a lot through it.