BTS made history when they obtained a nomination from the Grammys. Apart from being the first-ever South Korean act to present an award and receive a chance to win one, the septet, also, had the opportunity to perform twice.

For 2021, the K-Pop group almost won the award for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The nomination did not surprise the fandom and the rest of the audience because of how popular and successful "Dynamite" has become.

However, the seven-member act lost to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande on Sunday during the awarding ceremony. The two pop stars won the award for their "Rain On Me" collaboration.

The shocking loss of BTS prompted the fandom to express their disappointments on various social media channels. AllKpop reported, as well, that many of the ARMYs have shown how "furious" they are toward the result.

As fans and followers continue to slam the Grammys, several hashtags trended on the platforms, especially Twitter. Page Six released a similar report, detailing what the hashtag "Scammys" is all about, a few hours after the awarding ceremony.

As explained, the BTS ARMY got the said hashtag trending to express their "outrage." Many seemingly believe that it was all a scam, considering how much the K-Pop group deserved to win the category.

Several netizens, also, claimed that the Grammys were only using the septet for "clout" and views. One even asserted that the K-Pop group does not need the institution but the other way around.

Most of the angry and disappointed fans did not, however, slam Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga for winning the award. Some individuals, also, pointed out that they love the two female pop stars, noting, though, that the South Korean idols deserve the award more based on merits.

Amid all the backlash, however, BTS released an official statement regarding what happened. Group leader RM gave an "emotional shoutout" to the ARMYs during E!'s red carpet coverage, saying that they understand what the fans feel right now as they feel the "same emotions."

Despite this, the K-Pop idol assured that they will "be back with even greater music, good performances, and even better music." He stated, as well, that they will "work hard for this next year."

While many fans and supporters continue to criticize the Grammys, several netizens shared how proud they are of BTS. Pop Crush reported that these ARMYs, also, caused the hashtags "BTS Our Greatest Prize" and "Light It Up BTS" to trend on the same platforms.