The seven members of BTS are some of the most popular K-Pop idols inside and outside South Korea. As celebrities, they have to watch out for their overall appearance, especially their weight.

Over the years, South Korean artists and celebrities have been known to follow strict diet plans to lose and maintain their weight. But, the case is different for V as per his co-members.

Koreaboo released a report, detailing what RM, Jimin, and Jin had to say about the matter. In one of their most recent live broadcasts, the three idols shared several details about their respective diets and food stories.

As they munched on their snacks, they discussed V's love for foods, and how he does not gain weight no matter how much he eats. They even said that "eating is kind of [V's] job."

Amid the engagement, the BTS members, then, recalled the moments of how V made it difficult and "challenging" for the rest of them to continue on with their diets. Jimin said that there was a time in the past when V wanted to eat chocolate bread while everyone persisted in resisting the temptation to eat such kinds of snacks.

Despite knowing the rest of the group's challenges at that time, Jimin revealed that V put on his "jokester" self and stood in front of them. As it happened, he showed everyone that he was eating the snack, knowing that they could not do the same.

RM continued that V made a similar joke on Jungkook while eating at a meat restaurant. While the BTS members tried to avoid meat, V still "playfully" asked Jungkook to feed him meat.

Following the stories, the three members laughed it all out as their co-member's jokes and pranks have always been hilarious. They, also, praised V for his playful personality and character.

In previous years, V once shared his "hilarious" secrets and tips on avoiding weight gainSoompi reported that this took place when BTS was in Japan and the Hwarang star held a live broadcast of his own.

He said that he tries to stay away from stress as stress eating causes weight gain. Accordingly, he always thinks of "happy thoughts" while munching on food.

V continued that it is essential to "enjoy the taste" of the food. He seemingly grinned while telling his viewers that they would put on weight if they do not follow it.

He, then, said that his another secret to avoiding weight gain is soup. The BTS member claimed that eating soup will not cause people to gain extra pounds.