The Coway TV commercial featuring BTS members V and Jimin is finally out, after the Bangtan Boys have been teasing promo photos of the South Korean brand for houseware in the past few days.

The company shared the video clip of the duo on Instagram, which has raked over 13,000 views within half a day. Another TVC, featuring the septet, has also been generating the same number of views from the ARMY. 

The boys are endorsing a state-of-the-art water purifier, which does not produce any noise. But fans are loving the Coway TVC with V and Jimin the most because they brought out such "best friend vibes." 

Among the seven, V and Jimin's closeness has always been noticeable to the fans because they went to the same school together before their BTS success. They also have the same age thus they are more comfortable relating towards each other.

V has said in interviews that Jimin understands him inside and out. V is the first to know Jimin's secrets first before anyone else. The spill their problems to each other as best friends. 

But V and Jimin have admitted that their friendship is far from without any conflicts. The boys confessed during live chats with fans that they also fight and harbor feelings of frustrations, especially when one of them is involved in a controversy.

In 2019, Jimin got V into trouble because he posted his friend's photo as he was holding an e-cigarette. The rest of the BTS also said that V and Jimin will always argue about the little things when they are together.

One fan said that the best friends one fought about dumplings. But Jimin defended himself and said that, while it might sound embarrassing, the argument about the dumplings was an important issue for him. He clarified that they weren't arguing about the food but having the time to eat food. 

As a testament to their long-standing friendship, V and Jimin have a song and video together in their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7. They have a duet called "Friends" that actually makes mention of their dumpling debate. 

Meanwhile, the hardworking K-pop group has also released a teaser to Let's BTS!, their upcoming sit-down interview with KBS. The clip showed the septet dressed in their best fashionable clothes as they open up to the interview anchor, Shin Dong Yup. Another teaser from Let's BTS! shows comedianne Jang Do Yeon learning some dance steps from V. 

Let's BTS! will bring never-heard-before anecdotes about the K-pop group and they will likely discuss their recent experience at the Grammy Awards. The show will air on Monday, March 29, at KBS in South Korea.