Kim Se Jeong and TWICE member Jihyo unveil their incredible friendship in an episode of tvN's On & Off. The JYP Entertainment talent shows her support to I.O.I.'s former member during the latter's rest day segment.

Jeong and Jihyo enjoyed the day by going on a ride, cooking, eating, drinking, singing, and more. Of course, they also talked about their personal lives, careers, and the foundation that made their friendship strong.

An Incredible Girls' Bonding

According to Koreaboo, Jeong picked up Jihyo to visit her home and shared an incredible girls' bonding. They first enjoyed a car date in her trunk and talked about their friendship.

They then went home, and Jihyo brought a set of hanwoo or Korean beef for Jeong's mother. The two changed their clothes and picked out herbs to cook for dinner.

Jeong then brings out yakju or Korean medicinal alcohol. They then grabbed their food and drink and headed into the karaoke room and started singing their hearts out.

Talking About Life As Trainees

Jeong and Jihyo both looked back on their trainee days. The TWICE member started training at an early age and felt like it was an obligation for her to take vocal and dance lessons, KpopStarz noted.

At the time, she admitted she was not into it, and she rarely had the chance to play after school with other kids because of it. However, the group leader now wished she was more enthusiastic then to chase her dream even more, though she seemed unable to enjoy her youth.

Jeong, alternatively, felt grateful to debut in her 20s and trained for only a year and a half. Despite their experiences, they are both thankful that they have reached the stardom that they have today.

A Friend To The Rescue

Meanwhile, as Jeong now goes solo, she admitted working alone made her feel more pressure and having more responsibilities. Behind being optimistic and her happy face, she revealed she is also experiencing struggles and sometimes thinking of giving up, per Hello! Kpop.

Fortunately, she has Jihyo, who is always a friend to the rescue. Amid the intense feeling of putting everything down and rest, Jihyo comes to her, pulls her out, and takes care of her.

Jeong sees Jihyo as a good friend. Although she wants to be alone, Jihyo stays with her, saying they should be alone together.

Jihyo and Jeong are now both successful in their own fields, and fans will get to see more of them in the future.

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