BTS has released a new gut-wrenching music video featuring their latest song, "Film Out," which has sparked a lot of fan theories. The song itself meshes in a complex story but the video has the ARMY spotting for clues to decode secret messages and meaning.

In "Film Out," BTS has expanded the Bangtan Universe (BU), which was first spun from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life album. Here, the septet plays different characters who experience harrowing scenarios like hospitalization, suicide, loss of friendship or relationships, and domestic violence. Some of the scenes also depict alternate timelines and time travel.

The ARMY said that "Film Out" appears to have many parallels as the group's previously released "Fake Love" music video from 2018, seemingly answering the questions they might have about the latter. For instance, one scene in "Film Out" confirmed that Jin wrote "save me" on the glass window to Taehyung in "Fake Love" as there was a similar scene with an alternate view in the new video.

Taehyung also appears to try to help out Jin and it's implied in "Film Out" that he's the key to their predicament. The new video also suggested that Jungkook is now aware that they are caught in a time loop between the two video's storylines.

One ARMY pointed out that "Film Out" seems to show that there are still other worlds in the Bangtan Universe. More will likely be revealed once the full album is out.

"Film Out" is part of its Japanese album, The Best, which has a June 16 release date. The set features 23 tracks and comes with several add-ons, depending on which version fans buy. The A version has two discs and a Blu-Ray release for the music videos, while the B version has two DVDs instead of Blu-Ray. The C version includes the CD and a 112-page photo booklet with stickers. Pre-orders have been filling up at online sites.

Incidentally, "Film Out" has been the first song out in the album as it is the theme song for the Japanese movie SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, which had an April 2 theater date. Jungkook has been credited as the producer of the song.

BTS said that they developed "Film Out" after receiving a demo and immediately fell in love with it. The group described their new hit as a ballad with "poignant melody and lyrics" that will surely touch a lot of hearts.