This article contains some spoilers for A Million Little Things season 3 episode 9. Read at your own risk.

A Million Little Things season 3 episode 10 is bringing a lot of painful moments to several characters. Sophie (Lizzy Green) will, particularly, experience something that could cause a huge trauma on her. Here is what viewers can expect in the upcoming "Trust Me" episode.

A Million Little Things season 3 episode 10 is going to be a big one for Sophie. As can be seen in the promo, she went through something traumatic that involves her guitar teacher. Yet, it seems like she does not want to talk to anyone about what happened.

In the clip, Sophie's guitar teacher had her wear a swimsuit and filmed her. It is a traumatic experience for her and she's having a difficult time on how to cope with it. Some people around her are willing to help -- especially Gary (James Roday Rodriquez).

However, Sophie dismisses Gary and seemingly refuses to receive help. As the synopsis of A Million Little Things season 3 episode 10 notes, she is distraught after a disturbing encounter. The good thing is that Gary calls in Maggie (Allison Miller) and Regina (Christina Moses) for support.

In the previous episode, Gary returned to the house of Delilah (Stephanie Szostak), Sophie's mother, and was surprised to find that her daughter wasn't there. Later on, he learned that Sophie and her boyfriend Jake (Tyler Cody) broke up weeks ago. Initially, he thought that she snuck out to see him.

Then, Gary found someone else's number on Sophie's phone, and when he dialed it, her guitar teacher Peter (Andrew Leeds) answered the call. When he asked her what her guitar teacher is asking her to do, she just replied: "Seriously, just get out!"

Elsewhere in A Million Little Things season 3 episode 10, Eddie (David Giuntoli) makes an unexpected friend. It's yet to be seen who this person could be, but he or she might help him with his current situation. It can be noted that he's been battling with his demons and making bad decisions as of late.

Eddie enrolled in rehab to seek help for his substance abuse disorder. The promo teases some of his experiences in the facility, where he met his fellow patient Jackie (Bobbi-Jean Charlton) who will tell him harsh truths about their reality.

A Million Little Things season 3 episode 10 airs on Wednesday, April 14, on ABC.