All eyes are now on Black Clover Chapter 290 after he has successfully defeated the twin devils. The fight is not over, though, as it seems like it is only the beginning.

There will be more devils Asta has to face in Black Clover Chapter 290. With the limit in his Devil Union Mode, can Asta succeed?

Lilith and Naamah have combined the powers that turn them into a much-bigger devil that Asta has to face. The Ice and Fire devils may show their more extensive abilities, but the third Class Junior Magic Knight is ready to take them on.

According to BlockToro, Asta is prepared to fight whatever comes his way as he has "no effect of magic on him." Despite beating the twin devils down without the sweat, there are a lot of other devils waiting for his attention.

Several enemies are waiting on other gates in Black Clover Chapter 290. This will not go without an easy fight, however, as there will be more revelations coming.

Meanwhile, Asta has shown an incredible major upgrade in his ability to save Nacht from Lilith and Naamah. He comes just in the nick of time before the enemies can put down his mentor.

He uses his complete Devil Union form with Liebe and unleashes his upgraded third blade variant, Demon Destroyer. Asta decides to use this weapon due to the time constraint of his Devil Union, per Comicbook

This weapon can cut through the devils' spell, erasing the magic surrounding these foes. As their bodies are finally exposed, Asta can ultimately cause them damage, cutting Naamah's body in half.

Nacht put Asta and Liebe under his wing and trained them to master their Devil Union ability, which would be better combined with the Anti-Magic Power for their future fights. However, they were only trained for two days before the Advent of Qliphoth ritual started, making them unable to master their newfound skill.

The two can only access this power for five minutes, and the five-leaf clover mark on his chest serves as the timer on how long he can use this form.

So, what happens next in Black Clover Chapter 290 will surely be more intense as it drops on Sunday, April 18. There are rumors, though, that it will go on a break in the next issue, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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