The members of BLACKPINK are some of today's most influential and famous global celebrities. With their pleasing visuals and impressive successes, it is not shocking why many brands and labels want them their "muses."

While all of the four members endorse numerous brands and names, Jennie appears to be the one that has the most endorsements and sponsors. AllKpop reported that she even took over four labels to her name from the well-known "CF Queen," Suzy, making the "SOLO" singer a new and rising queen of endorsements.

Bae Suzy of Miss A previously posed for several Chum Churum soju products. She was the "muse" of the brand until she passed this onto Jennie.

Another label that seemingly decided to take the BLACKPINK member as its new ambassadress is Vita500. The Start-Up star previously endorsed this brand, alongside some of its famous products, to the public.

Next on the list is Sprite, which has already welcomed several K-Pop idols these past few years, and Suzy was one of them. Jennie previously joined the team, as well as Chungha.

The same publication, then, included Dashing Diva Nails as one of the four brands that the BLACKPINK member has taken over from the former Miss A idol. The brand announced its latest pick on Thursday, naming the "SOLO" singer as its face.

Alongside these four names, the BLACKPINK idol, also, markets other famous labels, marks, and products. These include Samsung, HERA, Chanel, and Lotte. 

Suzy and Jennie are, as it happens, only some of today's "CF Queens." Koreaboo reported that there are six more female South Korean celebrities that are deemed as "endorsement royalties" because of their overwhelming number of brand endorsements and sponsorships.

IU is on top of the chart, considering that most of her endorsements are some of the biggest brands and names across the globe. These labels include Binggrae, Chamisul, and Samdasoo.

Irene of Red Velvet is, also, a brand muse of Chamisul soju. Alongside this, though, she has other big endorsements, like Clinique and Damiani luxury jewelry.

Hwasa of MAMAMOO is included in the list, as well. She endorses Adidas, Lotte, and The SIMS.

The other female South Korean celebrities are Chungha, Seolhyun of AOA, and Naeun of APINK. Some of the brands that they endorse include Cass beer, GMarket, and LG.

A separate report from Koreaboo listed, as well, the "CF Kings" of today. These include Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO, Jackson of GOT7, Kang Daniel, Rowoon of SF9, Hwang Minhyun of NU'EST, and Sungjae of BtoB.