K-Pop is increasingly becoming more famous and successful these days. As the industry continues to flourish, with idols reaching new heights almost every single day, the number of individuals who aspire to become part of it exponentially grows, as well.

As the public would know, especially avid fans and followers of South Korean acts, becoming an idol is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and rigorous training to be chosen to debut and become a legitimate K-Pop star.

With the increasing interest over this matter, YouTube channel "Ayo" invited some professional idol trainers to share tips, according to Koreaboo. As stated, these pointers may help aspirants to gain higher "chances of passing company auditions."

Professional trainers Lee Yoon Ji and Kim Se Yeon provided simple, yet effective tips on the segment. They have extensive experience as coaches, considering that they have been in the industry for at least a decade now.

The first pointer that they shared for K-Pop aspirants is to "try." The two experts consequently talked about J-Hope's audition, noting that he danced for three straight hours in one of his earlier tryouts. They, then, said that "idol hopefuls" should have a similar "persistent mindset" as the BTS rapper. 

Kim Se Yeon and Lee Yoon Ji continued that the aspirants should show what they have got. One should be "flexible" as the panel may require auditionees to sing songs that they do not know. The two noted, however, that individuals only pass when they try to do what is asked of them despite not having any knowledge about the song.

Later on in the engagement, the professional trainers claimed that all aspirants and hopefuls should prepare themselves "to be questioned." This is, reportedly, a significant part of the process as it, also, serves as a "camera test."

In the same interview, Lee Yoon Ji and Kim Se Yeon discussed what type of songs the K-Pop aspirants should sing in front of the panel. As explained, it is always better to sing "idol songs" during the audition.

The experts pointed out that the auditionees should avoid songs that are from the same label or agency. The reason being is that there will, reportedly, be comparisons between the idol hopeful and the original idol who sang the track.

One of the professional trainers, then, named two K-Pop tracks that are "great bets during auditions." Kim Se Yeon revealed that I.O.I's "Downpour" and Taeyeon's "Rain" are her top choices.