Nike has announced a new service to refurbish gently used or defective products and get them back on shelves at a reduced price.

Nike Refurbished, part of the company's "Move to Zero" sustainability initiative, will take like-new, gently used, or cosmetically defective shoes returned under the company's 60-day "wear test" window and repair them ]to be resold at Nike stores.

The price of used goods is determined by a "condition grade" as well as the type of shoe during the refurbishment process. All Nike Refurbished shoes will also be eligible for the 60-daywear test.

Nike Refurbished is now available in 15 stores throughout the United States, the majority of which are outlet locations, and the company expects to expand the service throughout the year.

Sustainability is becoming an increasing priority in the world of sportswear and the broader fashion industry, which is one of the world's largest polluters.

Nike has stated that it intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2025. It also expects to improve the amount of waste produced by its finished goods that can be refurbished, recycled, or donated by tenfold during that period.

Returns that do not qualify for the Nike Refurbished program will be donated to community partners or converted into "Nike Grind," a material made from recycled Nike shoes that can be used to make sports and playground surfaces, as well as home and office items like carpet padding or rubber flooring.

"We are focused on the areas where Nike creates the biggest impact, and materials make up about 70% of Nike's total carbon footprint," Nicole Otto, vice president of Nike Direct North America, said.

Currently, 78% of Nike items are made from recycled materials, but Nike hopes to raise that figure.

"Further, we want to make sure that we're eliminating waste, so we've set a new goal to divert 100% of our material waste back into our extended supply chain," Otto added.