All seven members of BTS have their respective avid fans and followers. With their impressive skills, talents, and visuals, it is not surprising why many people admire them.

Although it is a subjective matter to name which of the seven K-Pop idols has the perfect "boyfriend-material" attitude, Koreaboo said that many netizens choose Jimin. As argued, he has proven that he is a "total boyfriend material."

The publication included several posts made by fans and followers of the K-Pop star. Based on these materials, the netizens agree that these things are what make Jimin the perfect boyfriend that anyone would want to date.

Many of these individuals' posts are photos of the BTS vocalist in some of his trips. They deemed him "adventurous," causing them to assume that he is "incredible" to travel with, across the globe.

Aside from the travel pictures, some netizens shared clips and shots of Jimin dancing during performances. Most of them pointed out that this skill of his makes him an "ideal" boyfriend.

The same is, also, said to be true about his abilities to sing. Numerous fans and followers admire his vocals, with some describing it as "angelic."

In Quora, several respondents provided a "list," as well, proving why the BTS member is "considered as a boyfriend material" person. The highly-rated response pointed out that his personality and character are mainly the things that many people find in a boyfriend.

Some of these traits include Jimin's very "romantic" personality, as well as his caring and mature nature. The same netizen, also, asserted that the "Filter" singer is a "passionate" and flirty, which are all, reportedly, ideal characteristics.

Meanwhile, other individuals said that he is, also, "intelligent and smart." As claimed, Jimin was top student during his schooling years, adding that he is great in Math, too.

These likely explain why BTS leader RM wants his sister to date Jimin. The revelation came as a surprise to the public, considering all brothers are very "protective" of their sisters.

Kpop Starz recalled the moment when RM shared his thoughts on the matter. In one of their previous interviews, he said that Jimin is "someone desirable" for her younger sister.

He explained that he has spent time with his co-member for quite some time, and has since learned that he is a "great guy." The rapper continued that Jimin, also, "knows how to take care of a woman."