IHOP is upgrading its bacon and unleashing a whole bacon-centric menu to showcase the new, thicker piece of meat goodness.

According to Fox News Wednesday, IHOP is upping the ante with the "Bacon Obsession" menu, which features bacon that is "five times thicker" than its regular serving.

The new menu comes with limited such as Steakhouse Premium Bacon Burger, a Maple Bacon Milkshake and Candied Bacon Pancakes. The breakfast staple will be served all day through June 13.

As guests begin to return to restaurants, "we know they are looking for appealing and familiar comfort foods and new ways to enjoy classic favorites, and bacon is the perfect option that fits both needs," IHOP President Jay Johns said in a press release.

Bacon already is one of IHOP's most popular breakfasts and more than half of its customers have bacon with their orders, Johns said. "People love bacon and I think they're going to love this bigger, thicker, juicier crunchy bacon even more."

Johns said IHOP is the first dining restaurant chain to serve premium bacon that's usually found in fine dining settings. Their bacon and special menu are part of the chain's campaign to bring more customers in for lunch and dinner.

IHOP teased the unveiling of its premium "thick-cut bacon" on social media, which lead some food critics to address the hype.

"I'd argue that bigger bacon is the same as bacon and not bigger than bacon," one user commented on Twitter.

"The only thing better than bacon would maybe be a nice steak," another commenter said on Twitter, at IHOP's ad for "bigger bacon."

According to Johns, IHOP's new Steakhouse Premium Bacon and Bacon Obsession Menu continues to position them "as the leader in breakfast," and showcases their commitment to innovation throughout the breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.