Brave Girls almost disbanded nearly five years after their debut. But, things have changed since March when their year-old track, "Rollin" has topped the charts.

With their unexpected resurgence in the world of K-Pop due to the virality of their performance videos, it appears that they are now here to stay. AllKpop even noted that they are "literally everywhere" today in South Korea because of all their CFs.

As reported, the members of Brave Girls have signed several massive endorsement deals since March. They are now the faces of at least ten new brands and labels in the country.

The publication included some of the actual shoots taken for the endorsements. All of which are group photos featuring the four members of Brave Girls.

The companies are all from different industries. There are those that are from the cosmetics and beauty sectors, and some are in line with food, as well as retail.

Based on the list, the brands and products include BBQ Chicken, Orion Turtle Chips, and Dongwon F&B Denmark Yogurt-Meal. The K-Pop idols, also, posed for SPAO Cooltech, Sudden Attack, GS Postbox, GS25 BREADIQUE, and Kingdom - Fires of War. They have CFs, as well, for Elcanto heels and Olive Young BRING GREEN.

Aside from the increasing number of endorsements, Brave Girls are now, also, gearing up for their official comebackSoompi reported that Brave Entertainment confirmed the news via sources earlier in April. As noted, the group, alongside the label, is "aiming for this summer."

The announcement has revealed, as well, the concept of their upcoming music release. The representative emphasized that they are keeping with the K-Pop idols' wishes, adding that the return will highlight their "healthy sexiness" as "refreshing, energizing idols."

Sources continued that alongside the act, Brave Brothers will, also, produce their next music. The rest of the details have remained scarce, though.

The popularity of Brave Girls only skyrocketed earlier in March. This came after a YouTube channel uploaded a compilation of their previous performances in various army bases.

The Global Times said that the material went viral across the country, and eventually the globe. In less than a month since the upload, their 2020 single "Rollin" topped several music charts both in South Korea and the United States.

The K-Pop act started as a five-member group about a decade ago. It was not entirely a successful debut, which led to their relaunch as a quartet in 2016.