Thorfinn's final worlds from the last chapter will continuously hunt fans in Vinland Saga Chapter 183. After talking about a non-existing warrior on the island, it looks like the fighter he is talking about really exists.

Thorfinn wants to cultivate the lands more in Vinland Saga Chapter 183 after rejecting Eyvar's proposal to build more warships. But as a leader, Thorfinn should have his people prepared for a war against Indegeoneos. So, where will his decision take them from here?

According to Epic Dope, there is no way for Thorfinn to escape the conflict, so he will surely regret his decision to prepare for the upcoming war one way or another.

Knowing he has seen the tormenting side of a war, Thorfinn should have known better. He has to be more cautious not just to save himself but also his people, their place, and the principles they are fighting for.

He has witnessed how defenseless villages go through after the Vikings' raid. So, sticking to his war-hating ideology may show how terrible of a leader he is in the future.

Anyhow, it can't be denied that Thorfinn may have been starting to get confused about what to do in Vinland Saga Chapter 183. Elsewhere, it looks like Canute is about to return after a reference hint at his comeback.

Vinland Saga tells the story of one of the greatest Viking warriors, Thoris Sorenson, The Dead Toons noted. However, after witnessing all the deaths around him, he abandons the sea battle 15 years back and starts living in Iceland with his family.

He is with his wife Helga, a daughter, and his son named Thorfinn. However, his past returns when his old friend, Floki, arrives to enlist him in a battle.

He convinces Thoris to leave his family and join him, while Thorfinn secretly boards the ship to see his father in a fight. However, time reveals the real reason behind Floki's arrival and his real intent is to take his revenge against him after leaving him and his people during the sea battle.

Floki gets the help of his band of mercenaries and their leader Askeladd to kill Thoris. Thoris manages to keep them at bay first, but when one of them takes hold of Thorfinn, he surrenders in exchange for his son's life.

After witnessing the death of his father, Thorfinn swears to avenge Thoris' death and face Askeladd one day. Thorfinn's fight will continue when Vinland Saga Chapter 183 drops on Tuesday, May 25.

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