Peter Phillips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth, will be going to court to settle money matters with his ex-wife, Autumn Phillips, more than one year after the ex-couple announced their divorce.

According to reports, the queen's grandson will have his lawyer attend a pre-trial review hearing online under the High Court's Family Division. He has hired Nicholas Yates QC to represent him in the financial settlement. The lawyer is known to be skilled at handling complex cases tied to "significant assets and jurisdictional disputes."

The queen's grandson is estimated to have a personal worth of nearly $20 million. However, he applied for reporting restrictions over his financial records during the course of the settlement hearing.

Despite his divorce, Queen Elizabeth's grandson continues to live in the same house in Gloucestershire with his ex-wife, who is originally from Canada. In a statement released to the press when the couple announced their separation in January 2020, they said that their children, Savannah and Isla, will continue to be their priority. Thus, Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips continue to co-parent their daughters with the latter not having any plans to return to Canada.

Prior to his marriage to Autumn Phillips, the queen's grandson always had a low-key life compared to his cousins Prince William and Prince Harry. Incidentally, he was the cousin who walked in between William and Harry during the funeral of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The press regards him as the queen's favorite grandson, being the eldest.

As the son of Princess Anne, Peter Phillips had more freedom to do other things because he didn't have any royal titles. The queen's grandson worked for private firms after he graduated with a degree in sports science from the University of Exeter. He met Autumn Phillips (nee Kelly) at the 2003 Montreal Grand Prix who didn't know, at first, that he was related to Queen Elizabeth.

Despite their low-key status, Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips faced some scrutiny when they reportedly sold their wedding photos to the tabloids nearly 10 years ago. Recently, the queen's grandson also figured in the headlines when authorities in Scotland asked to speak to him because he allegedly breached COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown orders.

It emerged that he stayed at a married female friend's house when he couldn't find a hotel for his short visit. Sources close to Peter Phillips, however, said that he has been dating the daughter of an oil executive and their relationship is very private.