Kate Middleton might have a privileged life today as the wife of the future king, Prince William. However, there was a time in the Duchess of Cambridge's young life when she was also a victim of bullying and tormenting.

According to royal biographer Kate Nicholl, Middleton went through a difficult period as a 13-year-old, when she attended an all-girls boarding school in Berkshire. Nicholl said that the girls used to tease the Duchess of Cambridge for her "lanky" and "gangly" appearance.

Far from her current appeal, where she exudes style and class, Kate Middleton was actually overlooked to become part of the lacrosse team because she "stood out for the wrong reasons." The Duchess of Cambridge was also among a group of students who had a cliquey culture thus she was often left out because some of the girls have known each other at least two years prior.

In an interview with RSVP Live, a former schoolmate said that Middleton appeared to be miserable from the start of her attendance at the Downe House. But her young life improved when she transferred to Marlborough College before attending St. Andrew's to get her university degree. It was at this school where she met William.

Fast forward to two decades later and the Duchess of Cambridge is not only a significant influence in the royal family but she is seen as a stable partner for the Duke of Cambridge, a fashion icon and a role model for mothers and wives. Sources said that Middleton did change and let go of her commoner life when she became a member of the royal family. Insiders said that she has "ruthless survival streaks" that makes her well-suited to carry on the tough life of a working royal.

The source said that Middleton appears to be following in the mold of Queen Elizabeth as someone who will be the future queen consort. Like Her Majesty, Middleton has learned that her credo should be centered on duty and loyalty to the Crown. Royal experts said that Middleton has carefully measured her development in her future role while she's conscious of not competing with her husband for fame and attention.

Kate Middleton will not be the consort for several more years since William won't be king until after his father, Prince Charles. However, royal observers have assessed that the Duchess of Cambridge has learned a lot and adapted to her royal life in the 10 years since she joined the family.