Peaky Blinders is one of the most popular British television series ever made. It has won a variety of awards since first airing in 2013, and attracts around 3 million viewers per episode. Some publications, such as LADbible, have even referred to it as the best TV show of the decade. The unfortunate news for fans, though, is that the forthcoming sixth season will be the last. Does this mean that the much-loved Brummie gangsters will disappear? Or could there be a potential spinoff in the pipeline? Sources on the inside suggest the latter is almost a certainty.

Season Six Could be the Best Yet

The filming for season six has already wrapped, and some details about the final season have been released. One of the most exciting pieces of news is that highly esteemed actor, Stephen Graham, will be playing a prominent role. Fans will know Graham from Hollywood offerings including The Irishman and Gangs of New York, along with popular British series like Line of Duty and This is England '86. The 47-year-old is regarded as one of the most talented stars from the UK.

The latest season of Peaky Blinders left audiences with a number of questions, and there are various threads that need to be tied up. The last time viewers saw Tommy Shelby, he was pointing a gun at his own head. There has been an agonizingly long wait to discover whether he actually plans to pull the trigger or not. With Cillian Murphy being one of the main reasons people watch the show, it certainly seems unlikely. However, creator Steven Knight has been known to throw up some shocking plot twists over the years.

Series Has Already Led to Spinoffs in Other Media

Peaky Blinders is expected to go out with a bang when the final season airs, but what will it mean for the beloved characters with whom audiences have grown so close? There is no doubt that a gaping hole will be left, but fans shouldn't feel too disheartened. This is because, as we reported at Business Times, a spinoff series has more or less been confirmed by Knight and other people in the know.

The fact that Peaky Blinders has already spilled out into other forms of mainstream entertainment is also encouraging. This suggests that the franchise is alive and well, and that the production companies behind these additional ventures are hungry to keep it going. Peaky Blinders: Mastermind was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch last year, and it was met with a positive response. There is also the Peaky Blinders slot, which is one of the free games listed at Vegas Slots Online. It features all of the iconic characters from the series, along with the memorable soundtrack. The game was released by Pragmatic Play and, once players have mastered the mechanics by playing for free, they can choose whether they want to play for real money or not.

Which Characters Would Fans Love to see More of?

One of the most disappointing things about the world of Peaky Blinders is that Polly Gray will no longer be in it. The legendary character was played by the late Helen McCrory, who sadly passed away this year. There are a few other characters whose stories could potentially be explored more, though.

One of the fan favorites is Arthur Shelby, played by Paul Anderson. While he is a main character in the current series with a healthy amount of screen time, there is no doubt that people would love to see more of him. Another possibility is to delve deeper into the world of Alfie Solomons, who is played by Tom Hardy. Solomons has been around since the second season, but his involvement in the main plot has usually been fairly minor. A more detailed look into his operations would make for an enjoyable series.

Rather than feel disappointed that season six will be the end of Peaky Blinders, there is a lot to get excited about. Not only will the show end on a high note, but there will also be more content from the Peaky Blinders universe in the future. The most likely option will be a spinoff series, but there could also be a feature film at some point as well.