Senku and Xeno are now working together and fans are about to see more of it in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 200. As they are now gearing up for their moon mission, will these two succeed?

Despite the threat of Xeno betraying Senku and company, the science genius still has his trust in the scientist. He formerly works on NASA and with his great knowledge, he is an excellent addition to the team in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 200.

Senku and Xeno have a lot on their plate, so they have decided to divide their work. Xeno will be working on the spaceship's engine, while Senku will rebuild the ship itself.

According to Epic Dope, the space rocket still needs a lot of raw materials, such as super-alloys and rare Earth metals. So, where can the team find this?

It is just scattered all over the world, so they may begin a worldwide treasure hunt to complete the materials they need.

Alternatively, Xeno has to stay in South America and do his thing on the rocket engine using the resources he has on hand. However, there are theories he may do something "sketchy" while Senku is away.

Anyhow, it can't be denied that everything is going smooth sailing for the team. Is this the calm before the storm? Will something big happen to them on the moon in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 200?

In "Dr. Stone" Chapter 199, Carlos revealed there was a dark side in Xeno. The latter then unveiled the method he used to find ore deposits in the 21st century.

The team then started to collect different ores that made Gen excited, OtakuKart News noted. Kaseki, on the other hand, was tending the ship, while Xeno said once someone abandoned the craft, it would quickly lose drainage function and had the possibility to crash.

Kaseki believed the "presues" would return to life again and he even noticed the boys played with his stuff. Ryusui chimed in, saying they were recycling iron, while Chelsea revealed they couldn't find iron in this particular part of South America.

So, Senku vowed to "make something more potent and faster." The Science Kingdom then realized they could create super-alloy by adding metal to something.

From here, they could use science to activate the transformation sequence. Kohaku then took iron and explained they had to toss some chrome ore's broken parts inside the metal pot.

What happens from here will be seen on the release of "Dr. Stone" Chapter 200 Sunday.