A woman accused of setting her husband on fire while he slept will make another court appearance later this month, Complex reported Thursday.

Tuhonsty Marie Smith of Milwaukee, 29, filled a cup with lighter fluid, poured it on her husband's head and set it on fire.

Smith suspected her husband, Henry Williams, of poisoning her chicken wings.

During an initial appearance Wednesday, the court determined Smith must undergo a competency evaluation.

The victim suffered second and third-degree burns to his upper body, including his head, face, neck, chest and hands.

Williams told police his wife had been acting "weird" for the past three months and was taking more medication than was prescribed.

He said they had fought the night she set him on fire because he told Smith he planned to leave her and move out of their home.

Williams said he has been in a relationship with Smith for more than eight years.

Smith was taken into custody last week and told investigators she had mental health issues and that her mind was "racing."

She told police she started eating chicken wings the day of the fire and thought her husband had put poison on them.

"It'll be a long road to recovery with his burns but ultimately he'll be OK," Denise Wilson, the Smith and Williams' property owner, told CBS 58.

Though Smith admitted to setting her husband on fire, she said she didn't intend to kill him.

She is currently being held in custody.