All countries must prevent the flow of weapons to Myanmar after a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly denounced the use of lethal force and violence in the country, The Associated Press reported.

The rare move demonstrates widespread global opposition to Myanmar's military junta, which toppled the nation's democratically elected government and seized power on Feb. 1.

The resolution was approved in an overwhelming 119-1 vote with 36 abstentions including China, Myanmar's main ally.

It calls on member countries to stop selling arms to Myanmar and strongly condemns the escalating crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and civil society.

The resolution also called for an end to restrictions on free expression and for the immediate and unconditional release of detainees.

Hundreds have been killed and thousands arrested in the military takeover and its crackdown on anti-coup protesters.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's deposed elected leader, and other detained officials were formally charged by the military junta last week.

"We must advocate for the protection of all fundamental human rights, including freedom of expression, access to information and peaceful assembly which have been repeatedly violated upon by the military in Myanmar," Turkey's Volkan Bozkir, president of the 75th UN General Assembly, said in quotes by Al Jazeera.

Nine member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations negotiated the text of the resolution and a core group from more than 50 states sponsored the resolution.

The resolution "sends a strong and powerful message," European Union Ambassador Olof Skoog said in remarks quoted by AP. It is "the broadest and most universal condemnation of the situation in Myanmar to date," he said.

Russia and China, having abstained to adopt the resolution, "should also now refrain from obstructing the will of the international community by vetoing a Security Council resolution to impose a comprehensive global arms embargo on Myanmar," Amnesty International said on its website.