Taylor Swift shows her support to Halsey's new album in a time when Kanye West drops his latest LP. As some believe this is a subtle diss against Kim Kardashian's former husband, does it mean the war between the two continues?

West and Swift have been on a bad term for years now and the feud between the two may reignite any moment. Will Tay-Tay's tweet be the way to start the fight again?

"Donda" has been finally dropped after months of false starts and listening parties. It has been known that he can effortlessly dominate the talk every time he releases a new album.

So, when the "Blank Space" hitmaker promoted Halsey's album, many thought it was a move against the fashion mogul. This ignited a war between their fans as the rapper's followers accused the other camp of sabotaging West by promoting a competitor.

Swift's fans just clapped back, saying they just felt threatened by Swift's support to Halsey. To recall, when the 26-year-old star, who started by doing Swift covers on YouTube, dropped her fourth album, "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power," she received a number of kind words from fans and celebrities alike.

One of them was from Swift and it was merely a coincidence that West released his album at the same time Halsey did, Gossip Cop noted. In fact, the controversial performer did not even intend to release his LP after removing his collaboration with the disgraced rapper, DaBaby.

It was not even the first time Swift and Halsey showed how they supported each other. Last year, according to Billboard, Halsey sent a special thank you message to Swift after she spent her quarantine time writing and releasing her surprise album, "Evermore."

The "Without Me" singer praised the pop giant for bringing so much magic in a time when many people might be experiencing suffering. She even said it was the least profitable era they were into, but she still worked hard to make her fans happy.

Alternatively, Swift's relationship with West has been hazy. In fact, it has been going on for about 10 years now.

Everything started at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and from here, it all went downward spiral. The feud continued and once again ignited when the full phone call between Swift and West in 2016 leaked on YouTube in 2020, per Pop Sugar.

Kardashian and Swift talked about it for the last time last year. So far, everything is calm between the two parties and there may be no issue that will reignite their fight.