Zheng Tao is a different breed of human specie. In fact, he might just be one of the most incredible athletes in the history of sports.

The fearless swimmer from China has shattered his own backstroke world record to bag an emphatic gold medal at this year's Tokyo Paralympic Games.

But, he was actually just warming up.

The Chinese para-swimmer has taken the internet by storm after smashing records and clinching four gold medals at the Games -- despite having no arms.

The Yunnan Province native, who lost his arms to in a freak electric shock accident when he was a child, dominated with commanding victories in backstroke, butterfly and freestyle.

Zhen engaged in swimming at the age of 13. He participated in his first international swimming contest at the World Championships in the Netherlands six years later.

With no arms to propel him on water, the tremendous amount of power he generates with just his pair of legs is unbelievable.

"Daughter, look at me! I can swim so fast even though I don't have arms!" BBC quoted him as saying in a video message to his daughter after a race.

The 30-year-old wonder, who snagged two Paralympic medals in Rio in 2016 and three in London in 2012, made a new Games record Wednesday by clocking 30.31 seconds, beating countrymen Wang Lichao and Yuan Weiyi who bagged second and third place.

His 50-metre freestyle final registered a new Games record. The feat made headlines and was celebrated on Chinese social media as it also marked China's 500th summer Paralympic gold since the communist nation made its first appearance at the 1984 Games in New York City.

After he won the 50-metre freestyle final, Zheng said he poured out all his energy as it was his last race at Tokyo 2020. "I think this was one of my best races ever," Daily Mail reported.

Video of his race quickly became viral on social media with fans across the world heaping praise on his superhuman abilities. "He is a true inspiration" and a "source of pride," his social media fans said.