Prince William and Kate Middleton have been taking major roles in the monarchy since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They, too, have filled the voids Prince Philip, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left and someone is, allegedly, not happy with their growing roles in the royal family.

It cannot be denied that Prince William and Kate are two of the most famous royal family members today. They even help maintain the Firm's relevance among the younger generations with their fame.

In fact, the Cambridges have been topping a number of polls here and there. A 2017 survey even revealed that the British people wanted the Duke of Cambridge to be the next king instead of Prince Charles, which reportedly made Camilla Parker Bowles furious.

According to Express' unearthed report, the Duchess of Cornwall did not like the idea of her husband giving up his birthright. He is the heir apparent as Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son.

So, a royal source claimed then that Camilla told Princes Charles to "man up and fight." She, allegedly, said that it was his destiny to be on the throne and blamed Kate for the possibility of her husband taking the title instead.

Richard Palmer, then, confirmed there was tension in the Palace back then as the oldest and longest-serving heir apparent tried to implement change as part of his preparation to become the king.

He revealed tensions were mounting between staff as the monarchy prepared for a life without Queen Elizabeth. Some courtiers started to oversee the gradual handover to Prince Charles and his sons, but others were annoyed by the change.

By the looks of it, Prince William and Kate are now preparing to lead the modern monarchy, Daily Mail Online noted. Former private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton even claimed the Duchess of Cambridge's "down-to-earth" background perfectly balances with her husband's experience in the Firm.

Insiders believe their "magic" stems from their different backgrounds. The pair is even, reportedly, planning to couple their traditional royal duty with their being modern parents.

Royal author Andrew Lownie concurred and added that they were now given a "higher role" in the royal family with their immense popularity. They are now moving forward as Queen Elizabeth is "standing back."

Lownie continued Prince William and Kate are now taking the position Prince Charles and Camilla once had. In fact, they are now more famous than the Wales, so they are given a higher role.