Another "Karen" is on the loose and harassing people.

Janene Hoskovec, an employee of a grocery store, was immediately fired from her job after doing a "stunt' where she deliberately coughed at a mother and daughter without a mask.

With her video going viral, netizens dubbed her as "Coughing Karen." This incident happened at a Super Saver grocery store located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Her video was believed to be first uploaded on Reddit, which had the title "Anti-Mask Karen Deliberately Coughing on me at South 27th Super Saver."

Newsweek reported that the 54-year-old grocery employee was accused of harassing shoppers because they were wearing masks.

In the video, Hoskovec is seen coughing on a woman who was also recording her to serve as proof of harassment. She can also be heard calling other shoppers "sheep."

Hoskovec was also found guilty of proudly claiming that she was not wearing a mask because she is not sick, and was also trying to convince other shoppers that they are not really infected with COVID-19.

"She instigated the whole thing. Picked a mother and child to harass. Think they just wanted to get away. Lady kept following them. Some other folks stepped in. The Super Saver they were at didn't really do anything,"  the father of the child who was harassed by Hoskovec, said in quotes by The Grio.

The mother who was harassed by Hoskovec said in a Reddit post that at first, she was politely approached by the grocery employee. But unexpectedly, Hoskovec asked why she was wearing a mask, and the mother realized that the employee wasn't wearing one.

She said that she tried to walk away, but Hoskovec insisted on following them, saying that she was also born in Nebraska and the residents have turned into sheep. Hoskovec also said that she and her daughter do not need to be immunized from the virus because they look healthy.

"Karen" has emerged as the frontrunner for the average "basic white person name" -- a derogatory tag for a broad range of behaviors thought to have links to so-called "white privilege."

For some unknown reasons, out of all the people who were wearing masks at the grocery store, Hoskovec picked the two of them as a target of her harassment and anger.