Fans often see BLACKPINK's Jennie wearing the most luxurious brand of clothes and stuff. Well, she will never earn the name "Human Chanel" for nothing and fans love how she carries her vintage looks.

With that said, a bunch of netizens want Jennie to return back in time and wear the most vintage outfit there is from here go-to brand, Chanel. Admit it, the BLACKPINK member always stands out looking vintage in the modern era.

So, when a netizen created an online community forum, which featured a large collection of '90s Chanel clothes images, many wanted the 25-year-old singer to wear all of it. The famed rapper has often donned several vintage-style Chanel clothes in the past as one of its most famous brand ambassadors.

In the post's comment section, via AllKpop, one fan said she could already imagine Jennie "looking so good" in these outfits. Another chimed in and asked if they could bring back some of the actual vintage Chanel outfits and have Jennie do a pictorial wearing all of it.

A different follower added she could not imagine Jennie with Chanel, but the brand with the K-pop idol. As wearing vintage pieces seem to be a norm for the performer, one said it felt like she had worn all of those.

In addition, as the Human Chanel, fans could not wait but see more of her brand photoshoots. Even her solo abum's promotions seemed to feature some of these vintage clothes.

It cannot be denied that Jennie has been known for her love for luxury goods. Thus, the name Human Chanel, the South China Morning Post, noted.

She does not just embody the brand. She is a big fan of luxury fashion in general.

Fans can often see the BLACKPINK member wearing Chanel pieces, plucked straight from the runway. In fact, some of her clothes have a staggering price of $19,000 per piece.

She can even be seen shopping with her mom at luxury fashion and cosmetic shops in Seoul. If these are not yet enough, the international magazine Vogue UK even commended the young star for her impeccable style.

Aside from Chanel, she also has a bag collection that features other posh brands, like Loewe and Marine Serre. Mind you, even her dogs, Kai and Kuma, are fashionable.

Jennie perfectly knows how to spoil her pooches with style by having them ride their family's Porsche Cayenne and even letting them wear Chanel pieces. At one point, Kai was even seen wearing a black Chanel scarf. With this, fans are now looking forward to seeing Jennie's next expensive style.