Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary, held Joe Biden accountable for the increasing number of murders in the United States last year.

Then she realized there was something amiss: Biden wasn't President yet that time.

Biden was sworn into office in January 20, 2021.

Now, she has removed that post on Twitter. On the internet, though, screenshots don't just simply disappear.

"The U.S. murder rate under Joe Biden..." McEnany wrote, alongside a graphic that showed an almost 30% surge in killings last year, when she was then-President Donald Trump's spokesperson.

She took down the tweet, but not before numerous news reporters and Twitter users captured it.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported the rate of murders last year had climbed the most since 1960, when this started being tallied officially.

McEnany did not acknowledge her blunder. After removing the first post, she made a new one criticizing Democratic mayors and the campaign to defund the police for the increase in crime, while accusing Biden had "enabled this."

The murder figures in the U.S., defined by the number of killings per 100,000 people, still remains lower compared to the all-time high in the 1990s.

The data indicate that 77% of the murders last year were committed with deadly weapons, like high-caliber firearms,

The NYT said.

The spike in murders was not driven by any particular regions but took place nationwide. The total number of killings, however, slightly dropped, NYT reported.


Meanwhile, McEnany is getting bashed with mockery for her error.

"Thanks for pointing out that the U.S. murder rate was the highest since 1968 when Trump was president in 2020. Yet one more reason why his administration was such a failure," the SCC Democratic Party said on Twitter.

"How anyone can be as intentionally dense as you is just beyond my comprehension," Twitter user Josoru Dhasias Tairisiu said.

McEnany's tenure at the White House was spent lying in defense of her boss, Trump.

She has since joined Fox News, where she routinely slams Biden. She has been accused multiple times of exaggerating the truth or outright lying from the podium.