Kate Middleton has once again won the hearts of the British people after delivering a powerful message during World Children's Day. Prince William's wife receives massive commendations from royal fans, putting her at the center of attention and removing the spotlight from Meghan Markle.

Kate never misses an opportunity to talk about real issues instead of focusing on family affairs, like what others say Meghan does. The future queen consort shares a series of snaps on Twitter to promote children's togetherness and raise awareness on their welfare.

"Investing in a child is ultimately an investment in our future societal health and happiness," she said. The post comes with her photo, taken during her Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden visit earlier this year.

The Duchess of Cambridge's message comes after Meghan appears on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Geo TV noted that a PR specialist revealed fans expect to see the same positivity from Prince Harry's wife, instead of giving high profile interviews and talking about the royal family.

The former actress's talk with the controversial host , reportedly, seems to be a lighter tone of her and her husband's interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. If she avoids talking like this on national TV, the PR specialist believes the British public may like her.

Meanwhile, Meghan is said to be the least favorite royal family member, aside from Prince Andrew, a poll from the Newsweek shows. Fifty-one percent of adults in the U.K. see her negatively, resulting in her unpopularity among other royals of her generation.

Only 27% see her positively, giving her a net approval rating of -24. The data collected comes from 1,500 U.K. adults.

Prince Harry, alternatively, receives 38% positive and 37% negative ratings with a net approval rating of +1. The Sussexes are said to be a long way behind Prince William and Kate.

Sixty-six percent of the U.K. people see The Duke of Cambridge positively, while only 11% see him negatively. He has a net approval rating of +55%.

On the other hand, Kate is 67% favorably seen and only 11% are unfavored of her. She has a net approval rating of +56%.

These figures are evidently way different from what Meghan and Prince Harry receive today. Anyhow, before they decided to quit their royal duties in January 2020, the Brits saw the Duchess of Sussex 55% positive, while the Duke of Sussex was at 71%.