Queen Elizabeth II follows in her father's footsteps and continues to do the annual Christmas address tradition. The Palace releases a photo every year, days ahead of the holiday speech, seemingly making them the official Christmas pictures of the British Monarch.

The matriarch of the British Royal Family typically features a variety of personal family photos on her desk. But, for 2021, it only included a framed image of her and Prince Philip.

Sources told Globe that it became a "dead giveaway" of the Queen's sentiments toward her brood. She is said to be "ticked off" at some of her family members, who are deemed "trouble-making" and "scandal-triggering" individuals.

Royal insiders asserted that the annual Christmas photo and speech always give a clue as to which family members Queen Elizabeth II favors in and not. This is reportedly the reason why pictures of the British Royals get shifted around every year.

In her most recent holiday appearance, though, sources stated that she seemingly "erased" everyone from the materials. She did not hide her "displeasure" as she is allegedly "fed up," especially with the royals who have been and are embroiled in various controversies.

Matters relating to the appearance and inclusion of the British Royals' photos on Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas speech have been long-standing speculation. It has never been confirmed nor denied, making it mere observations from the public.

Therefore, the story about the British Monarch "erasing" her family from her holiday photo and address is not based on facts. The supposed royal insiders did not, also, share any proof, thus, causing the narrative to appear more dubious and contentious.

The said informants noted, however, that the prominent display of Prince Philip was a "tribute" to him. As the public would recall, the Queen's speech touched on the loss of her husband earlier in 2021.

Meanwhile, it is indeed true, though, that the British Royal Family has had controversial moments these past few months and years. The latest on the matter involves various senior royals, like Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

In 2020, the Sussex Royals left their posts as working royals for a "more private life" in the United States. Several more "scandals" have followed and developed throughout 2021 as they live the new chapters of their lives outside the Royal Firm.

As for Prince Charles, he previously faced accusations of being a "racist" following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier last year.

On a similar note, Prince Andrew, who many referred to as Queen Elizabeth II's favorite son, has continued to face allegations due to his associations with Jeffrey Epstein since before the COVID-19 pandemic.