Prince Andrew's fight against the sexual assault case filed against him in the U.S. by Virginia Giuffre is continuously tarnishing his name. As many are looking into this proceeding, a documentary reveals he may have a much closer relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.

ITV featured "Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile. " Here, Buckingham Palace royal protection officer Paul Page revealed the Duke of York might have an intimate relationship with Jeffrey Epstein's alleged accomplice.

The documentary claimed the controversial royal family member and the convicted female sex offender might have a "closer relationship" than what was first believed, Express noted. Page confessed in the program that they realized and suspected that these two had a romantic relationship with how she was allowed to enter and exit the palace.

In fact, his colleague remembered Ghislaine coming in four times a day, from morning until evening. She was freely visiting the place in and out at the time.

Meanwhile, journalist Annette Witheridge revealed how the Duke of York was like when he was young and before he got married to Sarah Ferguson. She admitted he was a "dashing prince" back then.

He was a confident military man in the Navy known as "Randy Andy" among his friends and he got a "Web of Armcandy" as he was often seen with "beautiful women." However, after he tied the knot with Fergie, Witheridge claimed he had put his bachelor days behind him.

As Prince Andrew's sexual assault case continuously results in fallout, he does not only lose his honorary military titles, charitable roles and senior royal position. Britain's York Racecourse also plans to rename the Duke of York Stakes to distance itself from Queen Elizabeth's second son.

Officials want to make the sprint's history clearer. NDTV noted it was named after Prince George, who used to be the Duke of York before becoming King George V.

The racetrack got its name in 1895, so James Brennan, the racecourse's head of marketing and sponsorship, cleared to the local Yorkshire Post newspaper its name had nothing to do with Prince Andrew. With that being said, they now eyed to make the name "a lot clearer about its history," stressing its name referred to a different Duke of York.

The possible name replacement they could think of today is the 1985 Duke of York Stakes. In addition, aside from his stripped titles, there were also calls asking Prince Andrew to lose his York dukedom, which Her Majesty bestowed him on his wedding day in 1986.