Senku and his science crew will continue their moon adventure in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 227 to find Why-Man. As they are now on their way to the dark part of the moon, will they finally learn who and what Why-Man is?

Many want to know how Senku and the gang's adventure will play out and "Dr. Stone" Chapter 227 may finally have the answer. After they have landed on the moon, they will soon fulfill their mission.

Senku is now living his dream and fans are now looking forward to what will happen next. They have now taken the first step for the future of science as they begin to explore the moon.

So what will be the first thing that they will discover? Will an unexpected event come their way as they search for Why-Man?

Epic Dope noted "Dr. Stone" Chapter 227 would show how Senku and his team start to make their way to Why-Man's location. They will finally learn if Why-Man is a human or only artificial intelligence.

Senku, Stanley and Kohaku want to know the mystery behind the petrification and ask Why-Man about it. This move took place more than 3,000 years ago and still, no one knew about it.

Kohaku has warned everyone time and over again about the danger of meeting Why-Man. So will another petrification happen if they meet Why-Man in the upcoming chapter?

If there will ever be a threat, Stanley is set to handle the fighting. It is not far that the team will meet obstacles and dangers on the moon, especially they are about to meet Why-Man.

Meanwhile, in "Dr. Stone" Chapter 226, the science heroes had successfully landed on the moon. They aimed to know the truth about global petrification, per Devdiscourse.

Senku, Stanley and Kohaku went outside the spaceship upon their arrival, while Ryusui decided to stay inside. He prepared himself to help everyone if any issue arose.

Senku wanted to know how big moon the was compared to earth, seeing it only looked like a small circle from afar. They were about to reach the dark side of the moon where they couldn't be contacted as there was no kind of advanced communication device that could reach it and work.

Alternatively, the scientists back on earth closely monitored Senku and his team. Xeno and his crew members continuously followed the space shuttle's location while Chelsea observed how they had reached the moon.

Fans are about to know more of Senku and his team's adventure when "Dr. Stone" Chapter 227 drops on Sunday, Jan. 30.