On Friday, China's United Nations Ambassador Zhang Jun urged the global community to increase attempts to accomplish a ceasefire and reduce the humanitarian damage of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Zhang also emphasized during his speech at a UN Security Council conference on the crisis in Ukraine that the learnings gained from the conflict are substantial and demand serious consideration.

Zhang claimed that the constant annexation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) following the Cold War has not only ended in failure to make Europe secure but has actually planted the seeds of conflict.

"To rely on one country's public safety on the vulnerability of other countries is neither sensible nor feasible," Zhang said about the experience gained from the situation in Ukraine.

"NATO's frequent eastward expansion after the Cold War has not only faltered to make Europe any better but has also sown the seeds of dispute," he said.

According to the envoy, NATO pretends to be a defense institution, yet it routinely starts wars against independent governments, resulting in massive fatalities and humanitarian disasters.

NATO launched a barrage of high-precision missiles against the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia on May 7, 1999, slaying three Chinese media and wounding over 20 Chinese officials.

Zhang said that the Chinese citizens would never forget the horrific crime and will never permit history to replay itself, emphasizing that the commemoration of the incident is on May 7.

Zhang believes NATO should assess the situation and make appropriate adjustments since the Cold War ended decades ago.

He went on to say that such procedures, which adhere to an ancient security ideology and seek to elicit alliance conflicts and lead to conflicts in Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and the world in general, are as detrimental to others as they are to the offenders themselves, and deserve no less than China's vehement opposition.

The world does not require a new Cold War, and it cannot sustain further chaos and conflict, according to Zhang.

As per Zhang, all countries should solidify their commitment to the United Nations Charter's reasons of course and fundamentals, enforce the principle of protection indivisibility, build collaboration through discussions, and work together to create a balanced, efficient, and viable regional and international security structure.

The United Nations and the International Council of the Red Cross assisted in Mariupol evacuation tasks on Thursday, according to Zelensky. As per Ukrainian authorities, another round of rescuing is scheduled Friday.