In honor of the 20th commemoration of its Wildlife Warriors, Australia Zoo has developed its own NFT initiative.

The uncommon NFT project will comprise a collection of drops, each concentrating on a different Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors species, in collaboration with Meadow Labs, an Australian-based technology.

The NFTs will be produced randomly, utility-driven, non-deterministic, and will be 100% distinct to the customer.

The exclusive NFT series is focused on increasing awareness and money to safeguard Australia's wildlife and natural places and was created using Algorand, the world's first carbon-negative cryptocurrency with 0.01 gas and transaction charges. Transaction fees are transformed into carbon credits.

The NFTs are available worldwide and can be acquired with fiat on-ramping via MoonPay. Customers will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies straight from the customized webstore, streamlining the procedure and making NFTs more widely available.

Australia Zoo's Robert Irwin stated that the organization is continuously looking for innovative ways to support the Wildlife Warriors' goal.

They are enthusiastic to promote any innovation that will aid conservation efforts, particularly one that matches their mission of safeguarding the earth. 

Irwin added that this green chain and modern technology give them a new way to fight for the conservation of wildlife and wilderness areas.

Meadow Labs co-founder and CEO Martin Kelly expressed his delight at the opportunity to work with Australia Zoo on their maiden step into Web3 and their aim of fighting for the planet's wildlife and natural places one NFT at a time.

"This is a fantastic illustration of what creative brands can create when they embrace the infinite opportunities that Web3 provides," Kelly said.

"This is simply the start of a long-term relationship to establish an 'NFT for Good' movement focused on guaranteeing that we all have a secure future," he added.

It's amazing to see Australia Zoo and Meadow Labs integrate wildlife conservation funding into the Algorand blockchain, according to Adriana Belotti, head of communities Australia at Algorand Foundation.

"It's a perfect match for our basic philosophy of sustainability. I'm confident that acquiring these NFTs will appeal to anybody who has a special fondness for iconic Australian animals, both at home and abroad," she added.

She went on to say that crowdfunding via NFTs on a blockchain platform also means that transfers are produced through a smart service agreement that instantaneously transfers 100% of primary sales revenue to Australia Zoo, and that Algorand provides that service carbon-neutrally, which is good for the wildlife and our planet.