Johnny Depp's lawyers started to cross-examine Amber Heard in the continuation of the actor's $50 million defamation trial against his ex-spouse. Many expect the questioning to be harsh as the actor's legal counsels try to press the "Aquaman" star to prove her claims.

Depp's lawyers wanted Heard to release her medical records to prove if her accusations against the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star were true. They also asked the 36-year-old actress if she knew why the actor was not looking at her and her rape allegations.

Deadline noted the plaintiff's attorney Camille Vazquez asked the defendant if she sought medical help or took any photos when she said she was "raped with a liquor bottle" in Australia in 2015 and "bled from her vagina." "The Playboy Club" star revealed she didn't want to tell anyone about it at the time, adding she "hated it."

Vasquez also told Heard that her client had not looked at her since the trial started on April 11. "Not that I've noticed," the actress replied.

Vasquez continued that Depp promised her ex-spouse that she would "never see his eyes again." The jury then played a 2016 audiotape of the two's conversation when they met up in San Francisco after their separation and a restraining order was served.

The A-list star could be heard telling the L'Oréal Paris spokesperson that she would never see his eyes again. He even said she would be nothing to him after everything she said.

In addition, Depp's lawyer asked Heard if there were any medical records after she alleged the former hit her several times, per HollywoodLife. "I did not seek medical treatment at this time," she said.

Vasquez also stressed the large rings Depp was wearing during their physical fight, to which Heard agreed, adding she always knew that he often donned bands. Vasquez then showed photos of the accused without any signs of injuries on her face after the altercation and asked Heard if she could see any laceration.

Heard explained the photos didn't show her injuries and when asked further, she revealed she didn't feel the need to go to the doctor to have her wounds examined. She added the only medical attention she sought at the time was from her therapist.

Vasquez then asked her about the fight that happened after the 2014 Met Gala. At the time, Heard alleged Depp hit her in the nose, resulting in breaking it, but she also didn't seek medical help that would prove her claim.

Heard's cross-examination began on Monday, May 16, after Depp's defamation trial took a break for a week. Depp is suing Head after writing an op-ed for The Washington Post that the former claimed had ruined his reputation and cost him huge movie deals.