Shanghai stated on Tuesday that it had achieved "Zero COVID-19" at the local level, but citizens worry the city's harsh lockdown will extend.

On Tuesday, health authorities in the global financial center declared "Zero COVID-19" status, indicating that no cases had been discovered outside of approved quarantine facilities or districts with the most extreme lockdowns.

Relaxing the lockdowns that have made it hard for Shanghai locals to acquire necessities like food and medications for weeks requires achieving its target of zero infections. However, 860,000 citizens were still subjected to the most severe restrictions.

The city will reopen in three phases, according to officials, with the aim of restoring normalcy and fully resuming factories by June.

"We will make outbreak prevention and management a normalized procedure from June 1 through mid and late June, under the concept of managing the dangers of a resurgence in illnesses, and restore full standard production and culture in the city," Deputy Mayor Zong Ming stated.

Grocery and convenience stores, and pharmacies reopened on Monday, according to Zong, who added that hair salons and retail agricultural marketplaces would follow.

Since Monday, rail lines to and from Shanghai have progressively resumed, preceded by domestic flights. Bus and metro services will resume on May 22. According to Zong, passengers would need a negative Covid test within 48 hours to ride public transportation.

"At the community level, all 16 districts of Shanghai have now reached Zero COVID-19," local health commission officer Zhao Dandan told the media.

Shanghai authorities claim that none of the nearly 1,000 new cases reported yesterday occurred outside of quarantined areas.

However, many residential areas were still encircled by high fences. There were a few joggers and walkers on the streets, but nearly no private cars.

Citizens resent the lengthy confinement and food shortages, prompting rare protests and heated scuffles with authorities as the administration insisted on putting an end to the pandemic in the city of 25 million people.

According to state media sources, residents who could leave their communities had to get permission from local administrators for limited outings.

The majority of the limitations are likely to last until May 21. Residents will still be tested often in June, but the lockdown will be lifted.

The present outbreak in Shanghai has resulted in more than 620,000 infections and 576 deaths since it began in March. It was the country's worst outbreak since the virus first appeared in Wuhan in early 2020.