According to Panasonic Holdings Corp's automotive business unit, Apple's new software for car dashboards poses no threat.

Apple Inc. announced on Monday that it would be integrating more of its software into basic driving systems, demonstrating a new car dashboard that would be able to display statistics on speed, fuel, and gas consumption.

The Cupertino tech giant announced during its Worldwide Developers Conference it would incorporate its software more deeply into car fundamental driving systems.

The company promoted how to utilize iPads to collaborate on business presentations, as well as how its software will ultimately help display fuel economy on car dashboards.

It demonstrated a new automotive dashboard that can display data from important indicators such as speed, fuel levels, and gas mileage, according to the company. Apple stated that it was in discussions with automakers such as Ford Motor Company, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, and Hond. The software will not be available in vehicles until late next year.

The software integrates more completely into fundamental driving systems than previous versions, which were limited to playing music and providing maps on the vehicle's entertainment displays. Apple's automotive software, which has been in vehicles since 2014 and is now available in over 600 models, including a few motorcycles, is mainly distinct from the vehicle's own operating systems.

Vehicle owners must leave the system to do even basic duties such as altering the climate controls, a flaw that the upgraded system is intended to solve.

Polestar, a premium electric vehicle manufacturer owned by Geely in China,

Polestar 2 cars will receive the latest version of Apple CarPlay via over-the-air update later this month, according to Polestar spokesman JP Canton. Which Polestar vehicles would receive the updated version revealed by Apple on Monday are still being discussed, and no further information is available, he said.

Automakers are wary of giving tech behemoths unrestricted access to data generated by connected cars, or of allowing them to replace automakers' brands with their own dashboard displays.

On Monday, Apple announced a double down on existing products. A MacBook Air laptop was redesigned around a new M2 silicon processor, which it says is 35% faster than the previous M1 chip. The new laptop will be 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg) and have a 1080p high-definition camera to provide better images on video calls. The MacBook Air will start at $1,199, Apple announced at its WWDC 2022 conference.