A legislative official of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan cautioned China not to invade Taiwan because it has weapons that may reach Beijing.

On Sunday, when delivering a keynote address via video on the Taiwanus website, You Si-kun stated that the Russo-Ukrainian War has taught Taiwan that it cannot presume the adversary will not attack and that it must be prepared.

The Taiwanese official cautioned that China has become a superpower in the Indo-Pacific that seeks to invade Taiwan, and that Taiwanese citizens should not assume China will not be courageous enough to fire the first shots.

He warned that China will not cease its onslaught against Taiwan, thus democrats from around the globe should aid Taiwan in its defense. He also said there must be "strategic clarity" to inform China that conflict will be extremely costly.

Si-kun said that once conflict breaks out, China will become enemies with the United States, Japan, Australia, and other nations.

To prevent China from attacking Taiwan militarily, Si-Kun stated that Taiwan must be prepared and cannot rely only on other nations.

The Taiwan Strait was cited as Taiwan's defense edge. Si-Kun stated that the CCP must cross the strait in order to attack Taiwan.

When the People's Liberation Army (PLA) attempts to cross the Taiwan Strait, its naval vessels will be sunk by Hsiung Feng III missiles, according to the parliamentary speaker.

The official suggested that when the PLA troops land, there will be a decisive battle to prevent them from establishing a beachhead.

He added that if the landing is successful, everyone in Taiwan must be as determined and willing to die as the Ukrainians. Si-kun swore that in the future, should the PLA attack Taiwan, "we will never allow China to swallow Taiwan."

He underlined that when he was premier, he was aware that the Taiwan-made Yun Feng supersonic land-attack cruise missile was capable of striking Beijing, but he was prohibited from disclosing this information to the public. The Yun Feng is currently mass-produced, he said.

Unlike Chiang Kai-shek, who sought to invade China from Taiwan, the current Taiwanese government would not attack Beijing or the Three Gorges Dam on its own initiative, the official said.

However, before Beijing considers attacking Taiwan, Si-kun stated that it must evaluate Taiwan's capabilities to attack Beijing and the cost of an invasion.