The rapid progress in medicine contributes to the growing popularity of medical tourism as an industry that allows patients to receive high-quality medical services in the best, internationally renowned clinics abroad. Let's uncover why so many people undergo treatment abroad, and how you can do it as well.

Why is treatment abroad so popular?

What are the reasons for the growing popularity of treatment abroad? The main one is the impeccable quality of medical services. Foreign clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic devices, which makes it possible to accurately diagnose diseases and prescribe the correct treatment.

Treatment abroad is not only an alternative for those who can't receive the necessary medical care in the native country, but also an opportunity to take advantage of the latest methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases. For instance, surgery abroad is performed using minimally invasive techniques, which often allows a patient to recover in the shortest time possible.

Another aspect that attracts people from around the world is the high comfort level. Undoubtedly, it positively contributes to the mental and emotional well-being of patients, sometimes significantly enhancing the treatment results.

The same applies to the treatment of children. Young patients are accommodated together with their parents. Pediatric departments of the foreign clinic provide the opportunity to visit playrooms. Together with the friendly and caring staff, children undergo treatment and experience less stress in the process.

Innovative treatment abroad and why it's more than just an alternative

For some pathologies, innovative therapies simply have no alternatives. For example, the latest types of immunotherapy are used abroad for metastatic cancer. Oftentimes, they make it possible to achieve complete remission.

As an example, radionuclide treatment of prostate cancer (Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy) has already saved many lives. This treatment works even in the most advanced cases of the disease, when chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are unsuccessful.

Often, treatment with innovative methods allows avoiding traumatic interventions. Heart valve replacement can be performed using conventional open surgery with sternum dissection. After such surgery, patients need several months to recover. However, minimally invasive interventions through a small incision in the leg bring the desired result with minimal complications and a shorter recovery period.

The cost of treatment abroad

Patients often worry about the prices for the novel therapeutic procedures abroad.

In many foreign medical centers, you pay for the services provided, and the initial cost estimate covers the maximum scope of procedures. Often, patients can do without the declared volume of treatment; thus, the final price of treatment abroad is several times lower.

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How to undergo treatment abroad?

Many patients require assistance with the organization of treatment abroad. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to focus on your health, entrusting routine medical issues to professionals - Booking Health.

Booking Health provides clients with qualitative, effective, and comfortable treatment in certified clinics abroad. To make the process convenient, the company provides the following services:

● Help in selecting a medical facility, taking into account the financial capabilities and preferences of the client

● Preparation and translation of medical documents

● Assistance with receiving visa

● Travel arrangements (booking airline tickets, accommodation, and transfer)

● Comprehensive appointments scheduling

● Personal interpreter

● Purchasing and forwarding medications

Work of Booking Health is transparent, so if you have any questions, leave a request on the website for a medical advisor to answer them.