All eyes are now on the possible "Yumi's Cells" Season 3 after the cliffhanging Season 2 finale. As it will probably be the last of the series, it will introduce Kim Yumi's (Kim Go Eun) new lover, Shin Soon Rok, but who among the most lovable South Korean actors will play this role?

Yumi's Love Cell was exiled after her breakup with Yoo Ba Bi (Jinyoung Park), but it returned after she met a new man in the second season finale. So, this just means she will be in love again in "Yumi's Cells" Season 3.

The previous season finale showed Yumi celebrating Christmas Eve with her friends after completing the manuscript of her novel's sequel. At the event, she was introduced to a guy from her publishing house who would oversee her writing.

The show strategically hid the guy's looks. Though he was seen in frames briefly, he was out of focus. Fans only saw a hand, the tip of his head and he seemed to have glasses on.

The next day, someone unknown texted Yumi, making her confused. As she struggled to remember the mysterious texter, he later revealed himself as Soon Rook, her new assistant editor.

Koreaboo noted fans have been waiting for this character to be introduced. The original webtoon readers know Soon Rok will be Yumi's endgame.

Despite his strict rules against office romances, he falls in love with Yumi and starts dating her. As the series has remained faithful to its source material, "Yumi's Cells" Season 3 is expected to follow this story.

So, who will play this role next season? After having two handsome leading men for the first two seasons, fans suggest "Business Proposal" Kim Min Gue or "My Roommate is a Gumiho" Jang Ki Yong to be Kim Go Eun's next leading man.

Though the role was already played by the rookie actor Jeung Hoon, there's still a possibility that it will be recast, given that the previous male leads were all known. In fact, music director Kim Taeseong revealed that Soon Rok's face was first hidden so that they would have the freedom to officially cast him if there were "Yumi's Cells" Season 3.

However, Soon Rok's webtoon character was said to be based on two actors: Park Bo Gum and Kang Ha Neul. So, is there a chance that either of these two will be seen in the series?

The webtoon's author, Donggun Lee, wanted Soon Rok to appear cheerful instead of serious. So, he looked to these two actors as his reference. Meanwhile, a source from the drama said, via Soompi, that the production team would be on a break and would discuss the possibility of "Yumi's Cells" Season 3 when they returned.