Unsealed court documents made a lot of revelations about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's highly publicized defamation case trial. These files hold the evidence ruled as "inadmissible" during the hearing and reveal shocking claims not seen in court.

The March filing made several claims against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. From trying to submit nude pictures of the "Aquaman" star to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor's alleged erectile dysfunction, here is what the court documents entail.

UsWeekly obtained the pre-trial court documents that revealed the award-winning actor tried to submit "nude pictures" of his ex-wife, along with other evidence proving she worked as an exotic dancer before they first met.

However, the other camp contradicted the move, saying it was an attempt to "frivolously and maliciously" suggest that the 36-year-old actress used to be an escort. Hence, they managed to avoid what they called "irrelevant personal matters" from being brought up during the trial as it was deemed inappropriate, per Daily Beast.

Alternatively, Johnny Depp's team stressed that the court shouldn't use the "supposed misdeeds" of his former lawyer, Adam Waldman," as evidence. The judge also reportedly granted the request not to use the negative social media traffic and alleged Russian bot campaign regarding Amber Heard against them.

In addition, the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" star's lawyers also asked to exclude all the references to his friendship with Marilyn Mansion from the trial, fearing it would instantly put him in a bad light. It might even result in guilt by association theory, considering the singer-songwriter was accused of sexual and physical abuse by several women, including his ex-fiancé, Evan Rachel Wood.

Moreover, Amber Heard's lawyers claimed that Johnny Depp has erectile dysfunction that may have something to do with the allegedly violent behavior of their client's former husband, Page Six cited.

The documents alleged that Lily-Rose Depp's father would rather not disclose this condition, as it was "relevant to sexual violence, including his anger and use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard."

Johnny Depp has vehemently denied Amber Heard's rape and violence allegations. However, her lawyers claimed that his supposed penile problem might be the reason he could become "angry or agitated" and resulted in opting to use a bottle.

For starters, Amber Heard testified that Johnny Depp allegedly raped her using a liquor bottle and threatened to use it to carve her face during a fight in March 2015.