Fans will soon witness Luffy's Advance Supreme King Haki in the release of "One Piece" Episode 1028. The battle on the Onigashima roof continues and Luffy feels renewed after being knocked out in an entire episode.

Luffy has a new awakened power and fans expect it to be enough to knock Kaido down. Can he now save the Land of Wano from the hands of the Beast Pirate in "One Piece" Episode 1028?

SportsKeeda noted the upcoming episode would bear the title "Surpass the Emperor of the Sea! Luffy Strikes Back with an Iron Fist." The story will mostly center on Luffy as he awakens his Advanced Conqueror Haki after successfully acquiring it in his training with Hyogoro.

This power is believed to have enough strength to cause Kaido severe damage. If it happens, it will be the first time he can hurt the beast since their fight has started.

"One Piece" Episode 1028 will also see the debut of Big Mom's new Homie after being teased in the previous episode. However, it remains to be seen if the fight between Kid, Killer and Big Mom will start here, though there's a great chance it may happen.

For context, Episode 1027 made fans divided after seeing Zoro display his power, while Big Mom was rescued and used excessive flashbacks. With that said, fans hope Episode 1028 features a much better storyline of Kaido and Luffy's fight.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Episode 1027 saw Big Mom's fall into the sea, per OtakuKart News. Prometheus and Napoleon did their best to save her from drowning, but Zoro continuously cut Prometheus so that he couldn't go to the female Yonko.

From there, he eventually drowned. Kaido noticed what happened, so he got into the battle and landed a blow on Zoro.

Thankfully, Law saved Zoro by using his techniques and injecting Kaido with his sword. Despite what happened, Prometheus and Napoleon managed to save Big Mom.

They prepared themselves to be back in the fight again, but Kid and Killer got ready to start a new battle with Big Mom by themselves. Kaido also made ready to give the worn-out Luffy a huge blow.

Zoro stepped in again to stop him and used the nine sword style Ashura to cause Kaido some damage. However, he ended up wearing himself down and using a single Thunder Bagua, Kaido took Zoro and Law down. Luffy then woke up for the second round of the fight.

What happens from here will be seen when "One Piece" Episode 1028 drops on Sunday, August 7.