According to a recent study, Nigeria is now the nation with the immense interest in cryptocurrencies.

The population of this West African nation is even more insatiable for information on digital assets than that of the United Arab Emirates, the current crypto hub.

The study, conducted by cryptocurrency price tracker CoinGecko, analyzed Google Trends data for frequently used search phrases by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

CoinGecko is the world's largest independent aggregator of cryptocurrencies.

These terms were then used to calculate a 'total search score' for each English-speaking nation in order to determine which nations had shown the most interest in cryptocurrencies since the market meltdown in April 2022.

In a press release made available to Nigerian Tribune by Journo Research, the country topped the list with a total search score of 371 for its population's highest search levels for the phrases 'cryptocurrency,' 'invest in crypto,' and 'purchase crypto' globally.

Additionally, Nigerians conduct the third-most global searches for the cryptocurrency "Solana."

With a total search score of 270, the UAE is the second most curious country about cryptocurrency after the market fall in April of this year.

The UAE has the second-highest proportion of its people searching for both 'cryptocurrency' and 'invest in crypto,' placing it in second place.

Since April of this year, Singapore ranks as the third nation most interested in cryptocurrencies.

Singapore has the third-highest amount of searches for the term 'purchase crypto' and the largest level of searches for the cryptocurrency 'Ethereum' worldwide, giving the country a total search score of 261.

The United Kingdom has also been one of the countries with the greatest interest in cryptocurrencies, ranking fifth overall.

With a total search score of 198, the UK has the sixth-highest level of 'purchase crypto' searches and the third-highest level of 'invest in crypto' searches.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon are all trending cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom, per CoinGecko.

Bobby Ong, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of CoinGecko, commented on the findings:

"This year, we have seen a big fall from previous bull cycle highs, which has resulted in large price drawdowns in a harsh macroeconomic climate."

This analysis offers intriguing insight into which nations continue to be most interested in cryptocurrencies despite market fluctuations.

The countries at the top of this list appear to be the most eager to buy the dip and emphasize their long-term cryptocurrency perspective.